Are you looking for a simple way to forecast the financials for your company?

Sure Measure is a business plan generator that turns your business plan strategy into financial forecasts and business insight.

Not an accountant, that’s great!  Sure Measure was designed just for you.  However, seasoned accountants and business planning consultants enjoy using this software too.  

Easily prepare financial statements for your business plan and your strategic planning needs.  These are the statements that lenders expect when securing funding for your venture.  In addition, these same statements and their supporting documentation are beneficial in gaining insight into how your financial assumptions impact your bottom line and financial stability.  

As the name implies, Sure Measure is a true measure of your business success.

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of your business


Want to see what Sure Measure can do?  Watch this video.

Watch this video for a sneak peek

Welcome to Your New Tool For Venture Planning

The Ultimate Business Plan Generator Tool

Sure Measure is quick and easy to use.  It generates pro-forma financial statements fast. Here's how:

Install the Software

Download Sure Measure to any desktop or laptop computer that is running Microsoft Windows 10 or higher operating system.  Within minutes, you are ready to create your first set of business plan financials.

Enter Your Assumptions

To create your company's financial forecasts, simply enter the business assumptions you assume to be true for your venture.

Your assumptions might include the amount of your personal investment into the venture, revenue and expense projections, asset purchases, loan information, payroll details, and more.

Generate Your Statements

After entering your assumptions, your company's Pro-forma financial statements are a couple of mouse clicks away. You do not have to worry about the complicated formulas used to generate financial statements. Sure Measure takes care of that. Instead, Sure Measure converts your assumptions into the financial statements that lenders, investors, and accountants expect.

Ways to Use Sure Measure

You can use Sure Measure, the business plan generator to document your financial strategy in the following types of venture planning:

  • Feasibility Studies – a pre-business planning tool that produces an informal financial analysis to determine the viability of starting a new business.
  • Business Plan Financials – a tool that enables you to create, analyze, and report the financial impact of your new venture.  Sure Measure includes the Pro-forma financial statements and other supporting documents that lenders and investors expect.
  • Post-Business Start Annual Budgeting – a management planning tool for projecting your company’s income and expenses for the next 1-5 years. Import Sure Measure’s financial data into your accounting system to generate Actual vs. Budget type financial statements.
  • Long-term Strategic Planning – needing to expand operations, start a new venture, or forecast financials up to five years in the future? Sure Measure is the tool to use.

Michael T.


I used Sure Measure for my business plan to expand the operations of my catering business to include a USDA food manufacturing plant. When I presented my financial plan to the banker for funding, they had all the information they needed to evaluate my loan application.

kenny S.

IT Entrepreneur

The Sure Measure software was an easy to use program that provides great insight into a business owner’s vision and objective.  I wish I had this tool in my early MBA years.

Easily Build Accurate, Insightful and Impactful Financial Reports 

Sure Measure, the business plan generator, uses your business assumption data to create the business plan financials and analysis that lenders, investors, accountants, and business owners expect. When done, you can send your forecast files to a printer or export them into Word, Excel, or PDF formats. 

There is no limit to the number of forecast files you can create.

Financial Statements:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Footnotes

Business Analysis:

  • How Much Money is Needed to Fund the Strategy
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Line-of-Credit Usage
  • Financial Ratios
  • Supporting Documents

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Forecasting For Multiple Industries

Sure Measure's financial statements are automatically formatted based on the industry in which your business operates.  Those industries include:

  • Consulting Services
  • General Purpose
  • Retail Establishments
  • Professional Practice
  • Service Companies

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like Sure Measure, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sure Measure a Subscription Service?

No. Sure Measure is a desktop application that runs only on Microsoft Windows-based computers with Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems. Macs and mobile devices are not supported.

How long does it take to set up Sure Measure?

Sure Measure is quick and easy to set up.  The setup process takes approximately 5-10 minutes to install onto your desktop or laptop computer.   A step-by-step installation guide is included with each purchase.

Can I install the software onto multiple computers at the same time?

Yes. Each single-user license allows you to install the application onto two computers simultaneously. However, to install it onto a third computer, you must first deactivate a license from one computer to use it on another. Deactivating a computer only takes a couple of clicks.

For multi-user licenses, installation counts are different. A seat installs onto one computer at a time. For example, if you purchased a 5-seat license, up to five individual computers can run the software simultaneously.  To use an active seat license with another computer, deactivate an active installation and re-activate it with the desired computer.

Is my data safe?

Indeed, unlike online subscription services where your data resides within an Internet Cloud, your business model remains on the hard drive of your local computer.  Sure Measure only transmits data to validate your user license and to check for software updates.

I'm not an accountant; can I use the software to generate my financial plans?

The design of the software is explicitly for non-accountants. As you use Sure Measure, you will complete several screens where you type information about your business assumptions. The software uses this information to automatically turn your assumptions into Pro-forma financial statements that accountants, lenders, and investors understand.

I get that I can use Sure Measure to generate the financial plan. What about the other components of my business plan?

Currently, Sure Measure only completes the most challenging section of your business plan: the financial component. However, we are working to include all the remaining sections that make up a full-blown business plan. All valid license holders will receive a free upgrade when this new feature is released.

What is your return policy?

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. If you are not satisfied with Sure Measure for any reason, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Sure Measure will be deactivated and rendered unusable when the refund is granted.

All refunds will be issued to the original form of payment. Please allow 2-7 business days from the date of issue for your refund to appear in bank and credit card statements.

Does Sure Measure use spreadsheets for entering data?

No. Sure Measure does not use spreadsheets for data entry. Instead, you will enter assumption data into preformatted, easy-to-fill-out data screens.