Sure Measure is a software application that enables you to complete the financial section of your business plan without having detailed accounting knowledge.  Instead, you know the business assumptions that drive your business strategy.  Sure Measure takes those assumptions and converts them into the financial statements that bankers, investors, accountants, and others expect.

With Sure Measure, you can tackle the most challenging section of your business plan with ease and with speed.  This do-it-yourself, low-cost solution helps you to quickly see how changes to your business model impact the bottom line.  Whether your venture is a start-up or an established business, Sure Measure is the tool to develop your feasibility studies, business plans, budgeting, and long-range strategic plans.

Sure Measure creates the financial section of business plans in its inaugural release.  In a future release, you can expect enhanced capabilities that include the remaining texted-based sections.  Examples are the executive summary, marketing strategy, industry impact, and others.

eLearn Life Skills, LLC is the developer of Sure Measure, a true measure of your business strategy.